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Road trippin'

Well it’s Friday night and we’re getting out of town.
We don’t care when the sun goes down.
Making memories with my friends…
Just road trippin on a long weekend.
- Josh Abbott Band
By eleven, the jeep was packed.
By twelve, we sat waiting on Shady Grove Lane.
By two, we had reached Flatonia.
By four, we had made it to Austin, picked up three tickets for the Texas vs. Princeton baseball game and rushed to the movie theater for a quick oasis from the heat.
By seven, we had made it to our seats: section 2, row 9, seats 4-6.
By nine, the Longhorns had finally triumphed over the Princeton Tigers.
By ten, we were dining at Maudies.
By twelve, we had returned to Flatonia.
By two, we had crossed into the Houston City Limits.

Kathryn, Hunter and I went on a road trip to Austin this weekend. Sadly, despite having two cameras (five if you count phones too), no pictures were taken of the actual road trip :( except for the few following...

city girl on a hay bale for the first time

It was a trip of firsts for Kathryn: first time climbing a tree, first time climbing and then jumping off a hay bale, first time petting a donkey, first time waking up to cows mooing, first time attending a princeton baseball game, first time seeing a wild armadillo....etc. #totalcountrylife

On our way home, we also crossed another burger joint off my list.

The list:
Becks Prime
Sam's Deli Diner
Bellaire Broiler Burger
Pappas Burgers
Hobbit Hole
Ruggles Cafe
Little Bigs
Dry Creek Cafe
Goode Company Hamburgers
Bubba's Texas Burger Shack
Lankford Market (recommended by Emma Jones)
Jonathan's Rub (recommended by Mark Avi & P3 Moore)

Sam's Deli Diner

I first heard about Sam's through my church a few years ago when several high school guys competed in the All Day Burger Challenge. As I made my list of burger joints, this one suddenly returned to mind....the burger with the fried egg....
The All Day Burger.
Likes: lettuce, swiss cheese, hamburger patty, bacon
Dislikes: onions, pickles, american cheese, ham, tomato, MAYO
and the Egg? Eh.....wary.
oh hey, it's only like six inches tall.
the ham, the pickles, the tomatoes, and the onions eventually HAD TO GO.
the burger dissected.

For only about $8, I would say the All Day Burger is worth it. Excellent service, three different types of meat, and a truly filling meal. Here I could probably write a really witty review about how there are two ways to eat this burger: fork and knife, or two hands. Or I could dissect each ingredient as depicted in my last picture...

Too bad I'm trying to multitask and also watch Letters to Juliet...Without commercial breaks...

Basically, I couldn't finish the whole burger and I had a lot of difficulty getting past the ingredients that I didn't like. That said, I still highly recommend this local burger spot because the patty itself was delicious and the people there were extremely kind.
Overall: 8/10 (Sorry for the lackluster review)
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