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Hello Cow

So it's been pretty much a week since my last post and things have really changed. For example, I'm writing this from the comfort of my college dorm!! I'm extremely excited to be back home in Austin and cannot wait for classes to start on Tuesday.

Last Monday I registered for the following classes:
World Literature, Pathways to Civic Engagement, Art History (Ancient thru Medieval), Swimming, Introduction to Modern Africa, and Earth, Wind & Fire (a geology course).

Soooo....those may not sound like engineering classes right? Well the truth is, I dropped petroleum engineering as my major. I was double majoring last semester with petroleum and Plan II honors, and to be honest, it was 1.) a lot of work (duh) 2.) extremely stressful and 3.) not making me happy. I just didn't see the joy in life almost anymore, which kind of sounds melodramatic, but it's true. I definitely never looked forward to chemistry and calculus classes with even a fraction of the excitement that I had for World Lit. After much consideration and prayer, I came to the conclusion that my heart wasn't in petroleum engineering. Thus, I close one door and millions have opened. :) I am no longer confined to a field that will decide my whole future. I'm actually really happy to be simply a Plan II student for the time being.

OKAY! With that huge announcement out of the way, other quick updates include...
1. I went to court on Friday concerning a ticket for "running a red light." The violation occurred over a year ago and the court date was pushed back due to school. Well finally they got me downtown to the Municipal Court. So the details aren't awesome or anything, but I think this is important to remember....(and if I don't write it here, I won't write it at all)

My mother drove me to the court house, located next to the police station. I didn't want to risk driving in case I would get a second ticket. (Paranoid a bit? you betcha!) After paying for parking, we entered the building and went through a metal detector. No big...just like the airport. (Except my mom kept setting the thing off....finally realizing it was her coat.) We ascended the stairs and located court number three. We entered, my mother and I, and sat in a pew, unsure of what to do or whether to talk, or to whisper. Finally, a middle-aged man called out a list of names of people who had attorneys. My name was on the list and this man, I later discovered, was my attorney. Next the bailiff ordered all family members who did not possess tickets to leave. Thus, my mother left me in the courtroom. I was the youngest one there, a minority--teenage, white, female, curly hair, pink scarf. I looked soooo out of place. The bailiff separated us, the violators, to two sides of the courtroom...those with attorneys to the left, those without to the right. Soon more attorneys filed in and called the names of those that they represented. Finally, all rose as the judge entered the room. She wore horn-rimmed glasses, had big Texas hair, and was sporting a cheetah print getup. No giants robes, no bible to swear on, etc. I sat there fidgeting as attorneys tried to negotiate with the judge and the present police officers. A tall man next me discreetly kept me informed of the procedures and when learning of my violation, assured me that my case would be dismissed. Still, I sat there fidgeting. Finally, the judge called MY name. I approached her nervously. She barely gave me a glance before reporting that my case was dismissed. My heart leaped! DISMISSED! I signed a slip of paper and quickly bounded out the court room, a smile spreading ear to ear. I tried to contain my excitement though, because I knew others wouldn't be so lucky. But yes, the problem has disappeared, as if it had never happened, largely because my officer never appeared. :)

2. What else....remember Hunter getting asked to Cotillion earlier over winter break? Well he finally went to the dance on Friday night and luckily I was home to take pictures.

3. Other big family/our ranch got some cows!! SEVEN pregnant black angus cows actually and a one year old female donkey (female donkey = jenny) called "Bella," or so my mom says. We will soon name the cows, and I'm pushing for classical Greek names like Agamemnon and Euripedes or maybe famous women like Marilyn Monroe and Aretha Franklin. I tried to take pictures of the new guys, but they are pretty camera and people shy. They'll warm up though I'm sure, especially when this dreadful weather does!

cause the grass water is always greener cooler on the other side?

the neighbor cows weren't as shy...they were anxious to meet the new neighbors!


So with classes starting up again, blog updates will be few and sporadic, but it's great to be back in Austin with a new semester and year ahead.
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