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Carpe Annum

Sure you've heard of carpe diem--seize the day--but today, being January first (as I begin this post), I encourage you to carpe annum! SEIZE THE YEAR! You have three hundred and sixty four days to make a difference, to make changes, to make improvements, to make friends.

Taking a cue from Ascot Friday, I have composed my own eleven resolutions for this next year.

The dangerous thing about what I just did, posting my resolutions up for all to see, is now I have all of you, whoever you are, keeping me accountable somewhat. I am going to have to take these resolutions pretty seriously...maybe I should've given them more thought...(or written them in a smaller, uglier font)

In terms of the New Year, I'm starting it off right--with a "vacation" in San Antonio with my family and some close family friends! We rang in (blew horns, threw poppers, played xbox till wee hours in the morning) the new year from the ranch house, stopped in Gruene today for lunch and shopping, and finally arrived in San Antonio this afternoon.
Now Gruene, Texas. An unusual name for a town, no? If it's sticking out in your mind, "Where have I heard that before?", maybe you've been fortunate to visit it...or maybe you just remember me blogging about it a few weeks ago. The difference this time is that I did NOT forget my memory card :) :) :) Oh happy day.
But first ranch photos;


if you are ever in gruene, make sure you eat at the gristmill. literally one of my favorite restaurants.
built on the site of an earlier grist mill, the gruene cotton gin was constructed in 1878 by H.D. Gruene. powered by the guadelupe river, the gin was steam operated and served to process the vast amounts of cotton grown in the area. the gin was destroyed in a 1922 fire and only part of the boiler room remains.
great burgers, great service, great views, great atmosphere.

While in Gruene, make sure you also visit the Gruene Antique Company...
molds used to make the faces of babydolls, pretty creepy. how'd you live one of these above your fireplace?
All of Gruene is filled with small boutiques filled with everything from vintage furniture to jewelry to wine to tshirts to fossilzed elephant bones (i fail to possess pictures of the last)
this last photo is by the brother...maybe he is learning a thing or two

So I'm looking forward to a bright,
new year filled with adventures :)
like tomorrow: a trip to six flags!!
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