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World's Biggest Dinosaurs

Sometimes, I do not really mind misplacing my memory cards. Of course it's frustrating to run out of camera space in the middle of a weekend adventure, but when you find the little square chip in the bottom of a backpack, as a placeholder in one of your five current books or casually set down on a shelf in your room, those lost photos feel like a second trip.

With the Palm Springs//Joshua Tree trip, I think we were all a bit somber to leave. As we made our journey north back to the bay, we tried to brainstorm things to do, things to see before ultimate departure. The car was eating up pavement though, and we could not all settle on one idea or activity. Oh... but I knew of one sight that couldn't be missed. We had to stop and pay visit to the World's Biggest Dinosaurs.

IMG_3352 IMG_3354 IMG_3358 IMG_3361 IMG_3373 IMG_3376 IMG_3380

When you think of roadside attractions, the full nostalgic albeit ridiculous concept, the Cabazon Dinosaurs definitely fit the bill. These sculptured roadside giants are located in Cabazon, California, and you can wave at them as you pass by on I-10, but I highly recommend that you stop.
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