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Escape SF: Camping Bodega Bay

A few weeks back, Super Bowl 50 took over the Bay Area. Super Bowl City inhabited downtown San Francisco and the Embarcadero, while the big game took place just south at the 49er's stadium in San Jose. Big events like this can be underwhelming, over-anticipated and just straight-up boring. Maybe I have a personal vendetta against the Super Bowl since my "team" loses every year, but whatever the score, however entertaining the commercials may be or whoever may perform at the half-time show, I will argue that escaping the football mania for the promise of woods, beach, tents and adventures with pals will always be the winning play.

We went north to Bodega Bay, rolling about 12 people deep and we set up in an ideal green valley. The beach was a mere 15 minute walk away, and crowding around a fire pit sure beat crowding around a big screen TV.

I've had this draft started for awhile now. I planned to write on: the importance of camping and getting to unplug, how you are forced to commit and be at the leisure of others—enjoying campfire conversations and allowing yourself to be served. You get to escape over stimulation when you're in the woods.

By (partly) ditching the Super Bowl, we jumped off the bandwagon. We chose not to be a tourist in our own city on this particular weekend, and instead, we chose to take a partial break from popular culture. Most of all, I think we effectively reprioritize the things that made us happy. Community in the outdoors, intentional conversation and all around good vibes.

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