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This Is Joshua Tree

Sometimes when you visit magical places, the descriptive words evade you. The attempt at summary is ineloquent. Clumsily-pieced together phrases and thoughts slip easily from your mind and you're left just with a photo that fails to capture the mood and feel of the place, and you're left with a feeling that is complex and otherworldly, and you're left with a mood that you try to hold onto forever.

Joshua Tree is a magical place, and for about three weeks, I've been trying to put into words how much I love this place. I could live in Palm Spring / Joshua Tree. The desert vibes, the way the sun catches the rocks and the trees and wide, open landscape at all hours. The ability to climb and change your perspective, or the chance to sit and think on things and paint. Watching your friends solve puzzles and test strengths, and challenging yourself to a midnight climb on a lost / newly discovered trail.

One day didn't suffice in this saturated desert. The sun set far too soon, and temperature dropped in the desert. We concluded our evening at classic saloon, Pappy + Harriet's, in still Pioneertown. We celebrated the forever-young Niko, sang along with The Hot Fudge Sunday Band, and reluctantly left Joshua Tree and Palm Springs the next day. But already, it's time to go back.

As you peruse, here is the Joshua Tree playlist.

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