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With Childlike Abandon

Confessions of a photographer:
Sometimes, I hate taking photos. It's easy to feel obnoxious and unoriginal and pretentious. Bleh! Truly, the best part is when you can hide behind a camera and capture the candid and the real and memories. When you can capture the true beauty or story of a person, or when your camera acts more like a passport than "Big Brother" from 1984.

Once upon a time, I ventured to Prague for a documentary photography course and it was hard. There were about 15 of us, all carrying around large SLR cameras, and taking photos of every little thing, all at the same time. Americans already stand out, we're already loud. Add a bunch of cameras and there was no way to disappear.

Sometimes, it's simple to slip back into the discomfort of Prague, and feel awkward holding the camera body. BUT, sometimes with the right people, the camera can become a novelty again. Thus, with childlike abandon, we danced around the Sutro Baths, crawled over rocks + ruin, chased waves on the beach while staring into the sun and we took an abundance of photos.

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