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From Such Great Heights

The Light Chasers Club reunited this weekend for a 6 AM wake up call and trek through Bernal Heights Park. Accompanied by Karl the Fog, in a lackluster morning state, we would rejoice when the light peeked through the grey. The Postal Service seemed fitting for the morning. I hummed the tune in my head as we danced along the hilltop and as we ruled over the city.

They will see us waving from such great heights,
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
"Come down now," but we'll stay...

IMG_6652 IMG_6650 IMG_6673 IMG_6680 IMG_6675 IMG_6717-2 IMG_6698 IMG_6699 IMG_6723 IMG_6748 IMG_6764 IMG_6756

And thus, all of my blog post titles are taken from song lyrics. Andddd my only friends are now members of the Light Chasers Club... kidding, kind of. Following our descent, we treated ourselves to a most praiseworthy breakfast at Plow in the Dogpatch. Lemon ricotta pancakes, crunchy hash browns, bacon and sausage and eggs.

Hypothesis: Only good things happen before 8 AM.
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