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Lovers of the Light

It was a pretty tip-top weekend because in addition to waterfall chasing, members of the Light Chasers Club met for the very first time! My dear friend Deborah + I drove through the Presidio once, sometime around sunrise, and we found ourselves speechless. Those trees, that light... we must come back. So we set a date, we picked a time, we readied our cameras and even picked up another comrade.

At about 6:45 pm, TR the adventure car pulled into the Presidio and three friends cheered with delight! Those trees, that light! All talking quickly ceased, replaced by the soft shutter of three cameras.

IMG_6383 IMG_6392 IMG_6413 IMG_6418 IMG_6436 IMG_6441 IMG_6452

Then the light begin to sink behind a great wall of pine, cypress and eucalyptus trees. The adventure could not be cut short, though! Back to the adventure Jeep and onto the Sutro Baths. In that moment, we became light chasers and a camaraderie was born.
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