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SF Street Food Festival

So about a month ago...(Yep! I've been here a whole month. WHAT?!)...I went to the San Francisco Street Food Festival in the Mission with dear friend and fellow Texan transplant, Laura. The Mission (a neighborhood, BTW) was sunny and lovely, the food was diverse and all AH-MAZING and finger-licking food, and by the end, our tummies and feet both hurt. In the best way.

I have since forgotten what we ate so just peruse these photos and be jealous of my new life here. #californiacool

sfsff1 IMG_9948 sfsff4 sfsff2 IMG_0313 IMG_0065 sfsff3 sfsff5 IMG_0096
streetfood1 streetfood2 streetfood3 ramenburger IMG_0188 streetfood6 streetfood5 IMG_0201 IMG_0234 cottoncandy cottoncandy2
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