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Writer's Block

Sometimes, finding that point of creativity for my thesis turns into a complex formula:

an hour on the sun porch, a well earned respite to P. Terry's, a return to the sun porch, relocate to a chair with more sun, send some emails, check Buzzfeed, add to the To-Do list, switch playlists, check Facebook, examine other homework for the week, check my phone, think about the Walking Dead series return tonight, add more to the To-Do list, invite a friend to join, check Facebook, relocate to a table on the sun porch, lament about my thesis, look for more photography books to purchase on Amazon, take a break...

...return to thesis, occupy the library, sink into the leather chair, check Facebook, check Buzzfeed, check Snapchat, check emails, check blog stats, check this and that, but check nothing off my To-Do list, change playlists a few times, attempt to blog in hopes of overcoming writer's block, agree to go to P Terry's again...

To be continued.
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