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My hair will probably start to fall out soon betweee all the analyzing my brain is constantly doing these day, the making and remaking of lists....never finishing any one list, thesis work and more thesis work, lack of thesis work as well like where are my photographs, and physics of course.


What have I been doing over the past few days...weeks?

  • played True American
  • reunion dinner with Mo' World Lit (freshmen world literature class + professor)
  • writing my thesis at Whole Foods
  • taking photos of a proposal
  • attending a strange house party
  • eating Taco Deli chorizo tacos
  • writing my thesis at Thunderbird
  • answer table topics with friends
  • checking out Haymakers
  • celebrating a birthday
  • writing my thesis at Pacha
  • eating the best pancake ever
  • writing my thesis at Whole Foods, again
  • watching Walking Dead

Vsco Cam Vsco Cam

I was going to add several more lists, but then my timer went off. 15 minutes are up. Back to school work.
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