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Best of 2013

Introducing the "Best Of" photo collections from years past:
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And now for the Best of 2013:

IMG_4787 IMG_6254 IMG_7988 DSC_0273 IMG_9497 IMG_3903 IMG_6722 IMG_3281 IMG_0064 IMG_4796 IMG_6409 IMG_2177 IMG_6737 IMG_0909 IMG_4527 IMG_5931 IMG_7148 IMG_7308 IMG_5542 IMG_7959 IMG_7644 IMG_2488 IMG_6946

Comparatively, I feel like my photography has taken on a more journalistic approach over the course of 2013. This may be attributed to my work from SXSW and from my Documentary Photography study abroad in Prague. In terms of shooting, I still favor toying with the aperture over anything else, and using a prime lens to maximize aperture possibilities. In March, I transitioned from a Nikon 3000 to the Canon 7D, and I am really pleased with the photo quality...definitely a noticeable improvement from the ol' Nikon.

2013 took me to Europe and had me living on Sixth Street - SXSW. Several tens-of-thousand photos were taken. I am still wading through them all. Occasionally finding untouched shots from Valentine's Day or my trip to Paris. Overall, it has been a good year.

Note: more mountain photos in 2014.
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