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Has there been a blog post in which I have posted New Years Resolutions? Well, yes. In 2011, I made a similar list of resolutions. I could lie and say that I successfully carried out those old resolutions for the whole year of 2011, and for that, I am a better person. But that is not exactly how New Year's resolutions play out.

Even with these 2014 resolutions, (they floated around in my mind for a good month, they were typed up on February 2nd, they were hastily posted because I did not want the "February" post to be my starting entry for the year), I have already failed miserably. But let's start a new tradition with New Year's resolutions, say we? You get to remind yourself of them each month, and each month, you can start anew! Why wait a whole year before attempting to better yourself.

That being said, here are my 2014 resolutions. Maybe I will #11. Be active, and go for a run today. Eh...better not. #6. Do not procrastinate? Well, enough with this blog post and off to do thesis and physics and anthropology and history then!
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