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Haas Rodina Ranch

One of the joys of winter break is the opportunity to slow down and unwind at our family ranch. Today, I sat on the front porch, opting for an old metal chair over the row of rocking chairs, edging to the corner of the patio to embrace every drip of warmth from the afternoon sun, and raced through a novel. I have been doing a fair bit of reading over the break--for thesis and personal enjoyment, in between episodes of House of Cards--but my bedroom in Houston does not compare to a country porch, to a chilly December afternoon, curled up with a blanket and a book.

Our whole family has "chores" around the ranch.
Larry, my father, works endlessly sun up to sun down. He fixes everything. He replaces porches. He repairs fences. He constructs buildings. He manages cows. Lots of cows. He pours himself into this place.
Hunter, my brother, helps my father. Learns from watching my father's hands move over wood and barbed wire and machinery.
Sherry, my mother, maintains the house, bouncing around antique stores to secure more unique bits of furniture. She also dotes on the love of her life, our donkey Mia. Trust me, the donkey is essentially a household pet--think Fido, Bingo, or whatever cats are typically called. In terms of Haas Family importance to Sherry: 1.) Mia 2.) Hunter 3.) Larry & Victoria (tie)

As for myself, I wander around and take photos. Or I sit on the porch and read. Clearly, the most useful family member...

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