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Last Thursday, April 14th, apparel design seniors within UT's College of Natural Sciences presented a year's worth of work and designs at the UT Fashion Show - Transcend. Twenty-three seniors each displayed a 3 piece collection, an athletic wear piece, and then either a evening gown or wedding dress.

University Fashion Group asked me to take photos throughout the evening. First I photographed the "Immersed Cotton Room," an exhibition room featuring shirts and jeans made entirely out of cotton. Then, I joined several other photographers to rapidly snap runway photos. For more information about the Transcend Fashion Show, read this Daily Texan Article.

Cotton Room

IMG_1242 IMG_1248 IMG_1250IMG_1251 IMG_1288 IMG_1294IMG_1308 IMG_1254IMG_1313 IMG_1361IMG_1364



Athletic Wear

IMG_1436IMG_1486IMG_1512 IMG_1605 IMG_1534IMG_1602IMG_1584


IMG_1624IMG_1637IMG_1651 IMG_1662IMG_1666 IMG_1696IMG_1700 IMG_1711 IMG_1715IMG_1724IMG_1720 IMG_1752 IMG_1735IMG_1732IMG_1746 IMG_1840IMG_1834IMG_1833 IMG_1883IMG_1881IMG_1872 IMG_1903 IMG_1918IMG_1922IMG_1925 IMG_1940IMG_1945IMG_1949 IMG_1953 IMG_1975IMG_1966IMG_1978 IMG_1992IMG_2004 IMG_2044IMG_2035 IMG_2074IMG_2088IMG_2085 IMG_2098

Evening Gowns

IMG_2158IMG_2169 IMG_2188 IMG_2195IMG_2198 IMG_2223 IMG_2241IMG_2250 IMG_2263IMG_2258

Wedding Dresses

IMG_2297IMG_2300 IMG_2356IMG_2316IMG_2369 IMG_2342IMG_2338 IMG_2377IMG_2384 IMG_2418IMG_2414


IMG_2515 IMG_2523IMG_2534 IMG_2553IMG_2587 IMG_2520
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