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Being Fed

I live with a real lover of cuisine. My dear friend Kelley wants to open up a restaurant one day, can easily converse about flavor combinations, and will stand in Central Market for an hour just to have an enlightening conversation about Old World versus New World wine, despite the fact that popsicles may be melting in the grocery cart.

I pretend to know about food. I give myself a lot of credit because I watched seven seasons of Top Chef. But really, I'm the food virgin. There's a whole list I could tick off consisting of foods I have never ventured to try. Heck, I'm well into college and I just tried lamb, mussels, oysters, calamari, sea bass, and pork belly this year. Okay, these are all pretty bourgeois-y, but tomatoes are also relatively new, as well as, grapefruit, and brussel sprouts. Still, I can pretend like I have an impressive palette, right?

For awhile now, I've had a desire to start a food blog. Probably for about 2 years. I like photographing food. I like eating food. I like the experience of dining, and trying new places....though not necessarily new foods. Over these two years, I have managed to convince people to join the food blog project, but alas, it never quite gets off the ground. The blog is made, but no posts. There is a name, and the rough sketch of a concept, but no content. So...I've lost my enthusiastic initial volunteers.

Kelley and I have been throwing around the food blog idea casually all year long. Then we became SWAMPED with all things school and Plan II and Young Life, etc. But finally, over a dinner at Uchiko during Austin Restaurant Week and then a later dinner at a Austin food trailer, Three Little Pigs, I think we may be looking at a real future food blog.

Three Little Pigs

IMG_2682IMG_2688 Yep....Kelley & I will be giving you food advice, recipes, critiques. It will all be very silly.

IMG_2673 IMG_2676IMG_2677 IMG_2695 IMG_2699
Cheese Grits With House Cured Bacon and Fried Egg
IMG_2705IMG_2708 IMG_2700
Fried Venison Sausage and Brussels Sprout with Jasmine Rice
IMG_2702IMG_2718 IMG_2730IMG_2731

Central Market

And then we went to Central Market because we can. And because we love it.
IMG_2739 IMG_2740IMG_2741 IMG_2748 IMG_2764IMG_2772 IMG_2751 IMG_2773IMG_2775 IMG_2763 IMG_2765IMG_2766 IMG_2785 IMG_2779IMG_2780 IMG_2797 IMG_2790IMG_2793 IMG_2798

So while this post doesn't provide you with any critique of our visit to the food trailer, I hope the photos serve as an enticing teaser of what's to come. Food food food :) We will probably kick off in July or August, so stay tuned.
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