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I'm still running...

Dear Friends and Family,

This time last year, God was doing amazing things in my life. I had completed Young Life Leader training and was placed at an Austin area high school that had never had Young Life before. It quickly became the highlight of each week: club on Mondays and lunch at the high school on Fridays. Each time I interacted with the high school teens, my new best friends, I could feel myself growing closer to the Lord. I could also only hope that they were seeing Him through me.

Then, something amazing happened. In May, God provided the means for 6 Rouse High Schools girls to attend camp. Even more amazing, the Lord chose me to serve as a leader to these girls.

So in June, I had one of the best weeks of my life. I attended Frontier Ranch in Colorado with six girls who I had been praying over and building relationships with. Over the course of the week, I watched these girls open up and become vulnerable during cabin time. I watched their hearts melt from stone and listened to them as they shared the pains and temptations that they face in life. As the week progressed, I listened to them answer questions about why they wanted to live for Christ and I got to share in their pain during one-on-ones.

The best part of the week, on the last night of camp, the speaker invited all four hundred campers to stand and proclaim if they had accepted Christ into their lives at camp that week. Well God is truly good. Five of my girls stood and announced how they had rededicated their lives to Christ and "found strength in the Lord."

This summer, several of these girls who I love and call my sisters have the opportunity to attend another Young Life camp called Wilderness. The weeklong backpacking trip through Colorado was the highlight of my summer before senior year. I want these girls to share in the experience. The only obstacle to getting these precious girls to Wilderness is the cost.

Therefore, I am running over the next 75 days to raise funds to provide camp scholarships. Last year Greater Cedar Park sent almost 80 kids to three different camps and allocated almost $7,000 in scholarships for kids that couldn’t afford the camp cost. This summer, we are expecting to take over 100 kids to camp this summer and provide even more scholarships! As my girls are currently seniors, this will be the last chance for Young Life to impact their lives in high school, and the last experience that I could possibly get to share God’s great love for them.

This letter is my personal plea that you help me over the next 75 days. Whether through prayer and motivation, a pledge, or a one-time donation, I ask that you please keep me in your thoughts over the next few months. I know that the Lord will provide for these girls to get to camp, I need only to pray big and put my complete trust in Him.

You can track my progress on and click on the “RUN75” tab and find my name and follow me along the way OR you can follow my blog, for more coverage. If you have any questions, words of encouragement, or wonderful bible verses to share, please email me at

Thank you for supporting me,
Victoria Haas

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31
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