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Rise of the Scorpion King

Last weekend, the new Rouse Young Life team left Austin city limits and headed for the countryside...specifically, Fratonia, Texas (Flatonia).

We reached the property Saturday afternoon, unloaded the car, and then everyone began to gawk over the cows. Iphones were taken out and instagram photos quickly hit the web. The city people were now in familiar territory...Texas countryside. Tours in the Gator, good conversation on the front porch, lounging in the rocking chairs, a BBQ buffet, s'mores around the campfire, death of a copperhead, an attack by a scorpion, a trip to the La Grange hospital, a round of hotseats, and then cuddle time. That was Saturday. Sunday consisted of a morning devo time, mouthfuls of kolaches and pastries from Schulenberg, family photos in the bluebonnet fields, and cow poop wars. Typical.

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