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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

For Easter weekend, I managed to convince my brother to come up and visit, and for my parents to join us for Austin Stone on Sunday. The weekend turned out to be a complete blessing and looking back on it, I cannot help but smile. Since then however, I have been super busy as this semester draws to a close. There are only a few weeks of school left and I have a million things to say, a million things to do, a million things to be thankful for, a million places to go, a million people to love....

Easter weekend was a joyous weekend for a multitude of reasons.
  1.  My most favorite seeeeester Alyssa came and stayed with me as well.
  2.  Hopdoddy.
  3.  Fratagonia shorts.
  4.  Kayaking.
  5.  Greenbelt.
  6.  GEOFF.
  7.  Santa Rita birthday dinner for Hunter.
  8.  Austin Stone.
  9.  Abels on the Lake.
  10.  Mama & Papa Haas.
  11.  Johnson family.
  12.  Juiceland.
  13.  Mozarts.
  14.  Ellen & Kari Edick.
  16.  Frisbee.
  17.  Zilker Park with Jordan & Robin.
  18.  Mags (Magnolia Cafe).
  19.  Foodheads.

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Easter Sunday

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It's Official.

And that's all she wrote.
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