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Winter Break

Finally, after two weeks of living in the PCL (Perry-CastaƱeda Library), pulling all-nighters, and cramming my brain with Chemistry, Geology, and Calculus, I am now done with my first semester of college. 17 days into December and I have also yet to blog. Quite disgraceful on my part...hahah

After finishing up my last final (chemistry) on Tuesday, I returned to my dorm, was greeted by my mother, and proceeded to stuff my closet into two suitcases. I have never packed so quickly in my life. My mother and I then brunched at Kerbey Lane, her first time, before heading toward San Antonio. Over the next few days, we hopped town to town--San Antonio, San Marcos, Gruene, Flatonia, Schulenberg--having many mini adventures.

We visited the outlet mall in San Marcos, the riverwalk and the old Mercado in downtown San Antonio, vintage shops in Gruene, and saw Christmas lights in Flatonia and Schulenberg. My biggest disappointment was forgetting my memory card while in Gruene, Texas. I missed the opportunity to photograph fossils of Mammuts,prehistoric elephants that used to roam the South. Why such a disappointment? Those close to me know my love of dinosaurs, fossils, rocks, and sharks....

alien looking flower bud. and my mom wants to grow these things at home?!?
lights on the riverwalk
at the ranch, i even convinced my mom to pose for some shots :)

thanks for readingg :) looking forward to some adventures over the next few weeks and hopefully some christmas related posts!!
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