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My Life is Country

This week I have three tests. . .huuuge sigh. Calculus on Tuesday, Geology Lab Final and Chemistry on Thursday, then World Lit Jazz Aesthetic performance on Friday. Then studying for finals. My current motivation for all this studying besides the desire to do well?
1. 25 days until Christmas
2. Winter break adventures*

As a break from already several hours of studying, I'm going to take some time to post the rest of my Thanksgiving photos as promised. Most of the break was spent at my ranch in Flatonia. Flatonia is in fact a city off of I-10, near La Grange if that's any more familiar to you. The city itself is located approximately midway between Austin and Houston. My family and I arrived at our ranch Thursday night just as the "Blue Norther" was blowing in from Canada. Let me paint a pretty picture for you. . .
one hundred year old house, sparsely furnished, no built in heating or cooling system, a fireplace and rotating electronic heater were the only sources of heat in the thirty-two degree air. there is no television, there is no wireless internet. the family ventures to the gas station to try to watch the football game, but sadly, they have no espn. nonetheless, we stay awhile because the gas station is warmer than the ranch house. . .
Despite the extremely cold air, we all made it through the night. Hahaha and then Black Friday shopping was done at Walmart & the Tractor Supply Company store. That's right. . .my life is country. Despite this huge change for me, a typical city girl, I adjusted quickly. My gold ski jacket worked perfectly for me this weekend, I did ranch-ish chores in my Uggs, and I constantly had a camera around my neck. Yep. Adjustment.


this food is dank!!
my cousin austin fishing on thanksgiving, no big deal

favoriiiite picture


DSC_0651 DSC_0656

DSC_0749 DSC_0782

DSC_0804 DSC_0805
DSC_0842 DSC_0845

then hunter tried to take pictures. . .
not bad grasshopper :)

So in conclusion, my life is country (MLIC) in the following ways. . .
1. Black Friday shopping at Walmart & Tractor Supply Company. (surprisingly the lines were longer at the latter!!)
2. Trail ride took place outside of my house.
3. Cut down a Christmas tree from our own property, trimmed it and used the excess to make natural wreaths.
4. Went to the gas station to watch football because we lack a television.
5. Night time entertainment consists of games of scrabble and checkers.
6. It is perfectly acceptable to eat Dairy Queen for lunch and dinner.
7. Catching grasshoppers and jumping on top of hay bales are no longer considered as challenges.
8. After riding in the Gator, you want to roll down the windows in your car all the time.
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