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When You Wish Upon a Star

For our second World Lit creative writing assignment, we had to choose another work to imitate. I chose Aphra Behn's The Disappointment, a poem about a young shepherd and maid attempting to make love for the first time. For my own poem, I chose to express my disappointment with Disney World. Disappointment with Disney World, a place where kids' dreams come true?!? Sadly yes. . .but go ahead and take a read and then enjoy some pictures I took at Disney several (four or five) years ago. Read the original poem here!


Young girl nearing her sixteen years,
Grasping tight to her childhood;
Before her, there the future stood,
But she wanted one last souvenir.
The appeal and ecstasy of
A great children’s sanctuary,
She found the future rather scary.
Her parents, through labor of love,
Offered one last childish pleasure—
A trip to the kingdom was a long craved treasure.

Weeks toiled in preparation,
With days mapped out and each park
Pinpointed, planned from morn to dark,
‘Til at last, the night ‘fore vacation.
Eager waiting, like Christmas morn,
Sleep dared not ease the night along.
What’d been desired for lifelong,
This childish spirit was reborn,
So that night drudged on and she thought,
“Oh what joys tomorrow will be brought.”

Bounding quickly out of her bed,
Off to congested airspace raced,
For she allowed no time to be wasted,
From adult stress, away she sped.
The plane leaped and then soon landed,
Arriving at that magical place,
But the castle that she came to face,
Shrank rather than grew, expanded.
Thus at first glance, assumptions failed,
But she carried onwards unassailed.

Established beliefs then prevailed,
And famous friends no power held.
In long winding lines she dwelled
For roller coasters with paces like snails.
This kingdom with its treasures known,
Was crowded and its secrets told.
Excitement fake, far too controlled,
Fantasies she had long outgrown.
Realizing this, she hid her fear,
And ironically sported her black mouse ears.

The mad teacups were deemed childish,
A small world realized after all,
All was likely within Disney’s walls,
When upon a star you wished.
But the girl returned to real life,
Learning to plan and expect less;
Her dreams, though, she would not suppress.
Facing each encountered strife,
Living life with friends by her side,
Disney morals and life lessons were her guide.

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