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I. I am living in a new city on my own, without family, without my closest friends.
II. Today I watched a movie called the Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson.
III. A month or so ago, a man named Brett Rogers gave me $100.

In greater detail. . .

I. So far in college, I have gone through some undesirable circumstances. I lost my cell phone during my birthday weekend, and was somewhat trapped. I was confined communication-wise to skype, facebook, and e-mail. I had no available transportation really, and felt completely alone. It was hard knowing which one of my new friends I could ask for help, especially since we had only known each other barely a month. Then today I was feeling under the weather (flu?). There was no real point worrying my parents and I kind of just went about my day as best as I could. The only difference with today and three weeks ago is that now I have friends in the School of Architecture, sisters in my sorority, and pals in both of my majors. It is a relief to have people who genuinely care about you.

II. Today, as aforementioned, I wasn't at peak physical health. Therefore, with homework and studying pretty much accomplished, a movie seemed like the perfect pick-me-up. I watched the Bucket List. It has been a while since I've had my life put into such perspective. Thus, I formed my own bucket list (it's a work in progress).

1. Live in a foreign place.
2. Graduate from college.
3. Travel to Alaska.
4. Go skydiving.
5. Visit Machu Pichu.
6. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.
7. Speak a second language fluently.
8. See a Broadway play.
9. Have a family someday.
10. Make a difference in someone's life everyday.

III. Speaking of "making a difference in someone's life," I've been meaning to blog about this for quite sometime. During that first month of school, a man named Brett Rogers gave me a hundred dollars. Let's get some facts straight:
1. I did not know Brett Rogers personally. I had only known him for maybe two weeks and not on any level resembling a close friendship.
2. He gave me five twenty dollar bills. Not a giftcard to a restaurant or a check. Straight up cash.
3. Brett is my college Young Life leader.
Brett Rogers distributed five thousand dollars among a bunch of new college freshmen. One hundred dollars, no strings attached, and just one request- Make a difference in someone's life.

So no, this post doesn't have any pretty pictures and yeah, it kind of is pretty heavy stuff. But if there is one thing you take away from reading this. . .
Go make a different in someone else's life. Or else, help me. I think it would be great to grow this money like the parable of the talents in the Bible (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28). If you want to help, please email me.

*Also I started a formspring if you have any questions you would like answered. The link is on the side under the new "Information" section

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