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Wasting Away in Margaritaville

I honestly don't believe that there is a title that completely sums up this weekend. The festivities started Wednesday night with the Kappa Sig pledgeline where I finally learned to two step (thanks to Adam). We went to the Schulz Beer Garten and danced along to the beats of the Turnpike Troubadours. Then on Thursday night I went to Mellow Mushroom for the first time with Val and had some super delicious pizza.


On Friday, I enjoyed my first ever (really) Jamba Juice smoothie on my way to class. Two thumbs up for Banana Berry. Then in World Lit, we studied gorgeous manuscripts and several Books of Hours at the Harry Ransom Center on campus. Then at four, a bunch of cool Plan II kids loaded onto a bus for our Freshmen Getaway. We swam, attempted to play beach volleyball, had a pinata, danced on tables, had a lovely time on the putt putt course, and partied in the back of the bus.

DSC_0703 DSC_0713
DSC_0718 DSC_0719

Thennnn party time in West Campus. (Met some exciting characters)
1. House of Guys Plan II Sobriety Appreciation Shindig.
2. Freedom Fest (USA) at Sig Ep.
3. Margaritaville at KA.
4. Redneck Yacht Club/White Trash at SAE.

IMG_0390 IMG_0396

Saturday morning, Lindsay's dad made delectable, mouthwatering homemade french toast. Then my world class had a bonding event. . .we took the Austin bus line to Book Woman. This was the first time I've ever ridden a bus. In Austin & in Houston. You definitely meet interesting people on the bus; a Ron Paul superfan, an Aggie who likes to smack his head in disbelief, a few Texas Wranglers, etc. Book Woman itself was an interesting experience all on its own. Tons of feminist books, a unique children's section, and a rather surprising bookshelf fun of erotic stories. Def a group bonding outing.

IMG_0430 IMG_0435

And now I realize this post is getting exxxxtremely long. Following Book Woman, I went tailgating with Lindsay, Jackie, and others. Then 101,339 people attended UT's first home football game against Wyoming, and my first UT game EVER. HOOK EM HORNS! Final score: 34-7. Success for Texas.

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