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Best of 2016

Year after year, I extend the deadline later and later to compose this post. I have gone from writing this in December with great eagerness, to reluctantly typing this in mid January, under the influence of cold medicine and The National. Scratch that... it's now February and my influences are again cold medicine + the tunes of Ezra Bell.

Maybe its just that 2016 was such a good year, a year of no normal days, that it's quite hard to grasp how much happened, how many places I visited and how many memories transpired?

I have oftentimes used this post as a means of introspection. How did the past year go, what lessons and mistakes and joys did I learn, and what changes do I want to make in the year ahead? But as it is February, and my mind is incapable of providing the the answers... I'll just shrug instead.

So with that lame attempt at an introduction, here are my favorite photos of 2016. Special thanks to Hannah for helping me narrow down 8000 photos to 183 photos to just 32. Re: the photography, I guess I like landscapes and the back of people's heads.


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