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On Turning 24

I really look forward to the introspective period associated with birthdays. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I love to sit in the midst of a busy birthday week and reflect on the past year and accomplished goals and learnings and the people throughout, and then also dream and set new goals and make new adventure plans and imagine how I will change over the course of one more year. Honestly, there should be more words and commas and words and commas to explain the my personal definition of introspection, but... whatever.

This year, I did not do so well. Instead, I really found myself caught up in the all the festivities. My birthday fell on a Wednesday – KK and I got tea (despite her terrible cold), I went to work where I was gifted a mountain of candy and a shoutout from Pitbull, I enjoyed Mexican food twice. I also dragged KK into a book store and purchased two books, so happy.


But then, the birthday was here and gone. Thursday was B+C takeover at the rollerskating rink. Friday was a giant joint-birthday fiesta at our apartment. Saturday was a Napa grape picking tour and then a road trip and stay in Big Sur. And Sunday was a race back to the city and a refocus on work and responsibility.

It really slipped by. So some time later, what have I learned in my golden 23rd year. What will my 24th hold? How did I live up to my goals/"rules" for the last year? Well, first, let's progress report it.
23 Rules for 23rd Year

1. Invite people into my home and life.
2. Schedule time for spontaneity.
3. Unplug and get outdoors. Inhale and exhale.
4. Be present on public transportation.
5. Make time to go sit in random places.
6. Listen to tangible music.
7. Be conscious of consumerism.
8. Work with what you already have.
9. Say hello to friends, near and far.
10. Walk along the water mindfully.
11. Keep meeting strangers and hearing stories.
12. Pursue creativity.
13. Get out of town.
14. More pillows and salsa and snail mail.
15. Cook with friends and savor dinner.
16. Set your intention for the day.
17. Lift up others, serve others.
18. Pray for this community.
19. Drive with the windows down.
20. Appreciate time with good, smart friends.
21. No work emails on weekend. Take a Sabbath.
22. Eat more good foods.
23. Find ways to care for my family from afar.
How'd I Do

1. Life – yes. Home – always getting better.
2. Ha! What a contradiction. But yes.
3. Check.
4. I tried, and then I started walking to work.
5. Where are my random places? Go do this.
6. AKA hip way of saying, listen to vinyl.
7. I should be more aware of this moving forward.
8. Work with what you already have.
9. I don't do enough to stay in touch. Truly.
10. Okay, yes. Barefoot beach walks are rich.
11. WHERE DID THIS GO. Find it.
12. Um, duh, yes. Very encouraged by my job.
13. Oh, I'd say I did that pretty well.
14. More snail mail.
15. What's cooking? Use the table.
16. Usually it was: swim, don't sink.
17. Always more ways to serve.
18. And always greater ways to pray.
19. This is the norm.
20. Good, smart friends are the best.
21. This isn't really a thing...
22. Easily done is this city.
23. Phone calls are simple, easy + meaningful.

That aside, what does it mean to turn 24? I don't have a fancy list this year, or a set of rules. I just hope 24 means greater community, greater growth and greater adventures. And maybe some more storytelling added back into the mix. We'll leave the New Year for a second chance at deeper introspection.
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