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Let's Go Camping!

I'm tempted to write this whole post in ALL CAPS because of the excitement associated with these people, this very important purchase, this adventure, the promise of more of this. Ferg + Maclean finally made it out to San Francisco (YAY) and we all went camping. Rewind: KK and I saw Of Monsters and Men on Friday, and prior to the concert, I bought a tent from REI. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fast forward: After some morning breakfast sandos and last minute packing, we went C-A-M-P-I-N-G. The crew met up at In-N-Out Burger (#classic) and then two packed cars drove out to Point Reyes for wilderness time.

We hauled in tents, sleeping bags, firewood and Oreos. We created the ultimate beach bonfire. We got kicked out of our pirated campsite by a French couple. We spoke of the aliens at Mount Shasta and we all tried to convince the Texans to move to SF (please?). All in all, it was a rich weekend of community, conversation and coastal views.

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