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Reunion Trips

Living out here in California, I only really venture home for holidays and now, wedding season. Over the past two months, I have flown to Texas on three separate trips for three beautiful weddings in three different cities. Slowly, I flight-hopped up the length of Texas—first Houston, then Austin and finally Dallas. Each weekend was a reunion, and I am reminded of what I miss about Texas besides the food (and my family).

Each weekend had its highlights—celebrating my lovely bride-friends of course—but nothing beats (selfishly) spending time with the people who know and love me best. And on one particular weekend, my people and their puppy.

IMG_9827 IMG_9930 IMG_9880

I am thankful for:

  • Getting picked up from the airport
  • Late night Whataburger runs
  • Harmless college gossip
  • Pillow talk on the makeshift bed
  • Blaring country music with windows down
  • Breakfast tacos, yo
  • Sharing some big dreams
  • Walks around Town Lake
  • Making plans to see each other again

  • Finding a bowl of queso
  • Lots of inside jokes
  • Getting dressed up like old times
  • Late night hotel hot tubs
  • Millions of puppy kisses
  • Being surprised by friends
  • Wedding cake + champagne
  • Conversations full of nostalgia
  • Playing the game of catch-up

And so much more. To my friends in Texas, thanks for celebrating so much life with me.
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