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I think I can break my diet down into 10 very essential items:
  1. homemade salsa
  2. tortilla chips
  3. cheese
  4. milk
  5. tortillas
  6. cereal
  7. eggs
  8. strawberries
  9. bottle of wine
  10. candy

Sorry mom! I know it's not the healthiest list... BUT, that's why I have purchased not one, but TWO cookbooks. And why I am whipping up recipes I find online and recipes that come from sweet pen pals.


This fruit tart is not made by me... Have I blown all credibility I have? My dear roommate Melinda made this strawberry sugar delicious breakfast/dessert tart. I don't know what to call it because there were magical properties, but trust me — it was quite good.


Right. I am a terrible cook. Once upon a time, I had a dream last summer to start a food blog and we all know how well that turned out. My company also wholly believed in my cooking abilities...

Guys... I'm pretty good at baking and, and, and... I can make salsa!

But I have a revised dream. A dining table for family dinners and slow morning breakfasts and writing sessions accompanied by tea and straight up tea parties and the beginnings of the Finer Things Club and Sunday suppers and more.

Already, I've witnessed little glimpses of this dream. Like receiving a recipe for Apples + Asparagus from Jessica. I turned on the designated musical artist, and did indeed dance as I followed her recipe instructions. Then friends came over and we circled the cowhide rug and picnicked on the floor.

There's a table dream, a family dinner time dream, and it will be realized. I guess that means I should start taking this cooking thing a bit more seriously. Cheers!
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