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Lost in the Fog

How about an adventure? Keep it simple + in the city. We trekked to the top of Twin Peaks, a spectacular mini mountain in the middle of the city, and there, we met a wall of fog. In all directions. No sunrise visions of the downtown skyline or hills of stacked house. Just white fog, a chilling mist and an endless void of gray. But we loved it and turned the blanket into a fort/cave and we told secrets and pretended to be stranded in the vast wilderness instead of a populated 7x7 city.

The fog and the gray is good here. And writing at 11 pm sans sleep and sanity is also good. I think.

IMG_8525 IMG_8530 diptych2 IMG_8539 IMG_8540 IMG_8541 IMG_8545 diptych3 IMG_8566
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