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5 Years Time

This little blog is coming up on its fifth year anniversary. I'm trying to pen down all my thoughts and emotions about this, but my brain is all over the place. Five years, really? Wow-wow-wow.

A friend recommended that I buy a little cupcake in celebration. Whoo, five years! In just five years time, I have started and finished college, joined a sorority, written a thesis, moved a handful of times, searched and found a job (thank goodness), made the BIG move to California, and traveled here to Yosemite and there to Prague.

Honestly, the posts and the photos sum it up. Come July 13th, 2015, I promise a more introspective look at what this all means. Probably nothing profound... but maybe something more cohesive. Cheers!


Just for documentation:
June 5th: A wonderful serenade by Sufjan Stevens in Oakland. The show progressed like a story—I experience a recent Sufjan, a familiar Sufjan of old, a lullaby Sufjan for my fevered soul and body, an intellectual Sufjan who DID share profound yet simple truths, a Sufjan who shaped my music appreciation, and a Sufjan went a bit crazy and tried to explode the venue with sound. Wait.. didn't try. Succeeded.
June 6th: A hodge podge of artists performed for Lindy + myself, first-time blanket people at a music festival. Featuring the likes of Misterwives, Of Monsters & Men, Modest Mouse, Atlas Genius, Panic at the Disco, Yelawolf, Twenty One Pilots, Cold War Kids, Sheppard, The Kooks, Best Coast, and more. Coachella, who?
June 13th: I got an email requesting my presence in Napa... so to Napa we will go! Following brunch that is. Ventured out to the rolling vineyards with KK + Mattie, talked through the tough stuff, and found fried chicken on the way home.
June 14th: Church. Then brunch. Then epic tv+sports+movie combo day AS IN the Warriors played awesome basketball, then watched awesome dinosaurs in Jurassic World for a second time and then experience awesome (and not awesome) emotions during the Game of Thrones season finale.

That's it for a recap. Note to future reading Victoria: your life is busy and exciting, even if you don't always have a camera.
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