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A Very Full Week

No time machine needed. Here's a recap of the past week.


The start of this past week seems very, very far away. I honestly had to check my planner because I can't remember a week back. Dear friend Kate + I tried to go to a movie sneak peek. They ran out of seats and we were next in line when they turned us away. But it's quite all right. We still ate popcorn, M&Ms and candy for dinner, enjoyed rich conversation, and watched a mediocre movie.


My community group had a potluck + karaoke night. Then Kaity and I hopped down to Hotel Utah for a Penny & Sparrow concert. A slew of friends were there, and we looked down upon Andy + Kyle from the balcony. Such a rich and soulful/soul-good performance. Plus, got a vinyl out of it. Austin folk are some of the best folk.

IMG_5072 IMG_5038


Got my weave on! Rosee-friend found a weaving class in the sunset and obviously, we had to go. #iamcreative. That's the thing, too. I work at a very creative company, but I still need to set aside time to make and build and create outside of work... just for me. This weaving class was like a throwback to middle school: when I built and stained my own loom, and effectively learned how to weave. Woohoo—Texas history class!



Gotta get down on Friday, y'all. Went to hear this guy, Brandon Stanton, speak about his project called Humans of New York. Heard of it?

I definitely have a lot of mixed feelings about his talk. I think he is doing wonders at telling stories and to borrow from the talk title, revealing a shared humanity between people. But while his answers are genuine, they are practiced. And I want to know: where is this going? Is this success what you wanted? Has your artistic vision changed? Is it still uncomfortable? To approach people and share their story? Because it should be.

Then the talk had me think about the term photographer and my own classification and my own photos. As of Sunday morning, I have no closer to pinpointing how I feel and what my next steps are.

After the talk, went to a birthday celebration at The Square in North Beach. And of course, you can't go to North Beach and NOT buy a slice of Tony's Pizza. Thus, it was a good night.
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