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What To Do With You

Dearest blog,
What ever shall I to do with you?

On July 22nd, I set the foundation for a new blog plan. The idea of field notes experienced a mini "lift-off!!" before the vision was swept away by more grand events like the TX-CA road trip and a series of California adventure days. Additionally, I have personally been swept up in new roles and responsibilities with the start of this new year. I love it all, but more than ever, I must fight for time and creativity and rest and community.

So... the fight for creativity. I am bringing back field notes. I am throwing in some inspiring friends and Internet crushes. I want to share art and poetry and lines and doodles and lists and great loves (like my cacti). No real plans, but real hopes for consistency and construction. Do you feel the grandeur behind these words and ideas? Welp—let's begin.

Up on the rooftop with cotton candy clouds.

Things that give me joy in SF:

  • picante pizza from Tony's
  • driving along the coast with the windows down
  • hikes at Land's End
  • melting Swenson's thin mint ice cream
  • reading on the rooftop
  • sloat garden center in sunset
  • karl the fog
  • bbq pulled pork eggs benedict at Stinson Beach
  • playing records in the magic room
  • walking up SF hills
  • the guitar at Reality on Sundays
  • a cable car on hyde street
  • Theme by BD