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Kittens in the City

Beep, beep, boop. L.Peters (though that's no longer her name cause she's all married and stuff) taught me to make robot noises during my junior year of college. I still make robot noises from time to time, as does my time machine! To the year 2015, and the date... January 11th!

In college, I had the opportunity to skip class and sorority meetings and other typical college activities in order to recklessly pursue high school students and befriend them and try to impart my many years of wisdom upon them. In all, it was one of the best uses of my time and I have some lovely friends/sisters/kittens because of it.

I like calling them kittens... don't ask me why. Anywho! Two of my little kitten-friends came out to visit the golden city (ahem... "Frisco," they dubbed it) and they were the best treat. Thank you for visiting and staying and for dinners and Tony's Pizza (!!!) and being the highlight of each weekday and for climbing to new SF heights with me. I am glad to still share things with you.

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Oh lookie! A normal family-esque photo of us. Cute.
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