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The Grand Canyon

Three weeks into San Francisco (whoo!), and I'm still blogging about the expedition to get here.
Deal with it.

As we left Monument Valley, the dashboard read 5 and the sun began its evening descent. We still had 4 or 5 hours to Phoenix, to our hotel reservations, to our beds and to a break from the monotonous hours of driving.

Do we or do we not have time to stop at the Grand Canyon?
We ruled it out.

As we drove, we tried to revise the road trip map in order to squeeze in a stop at the Grand Canyon. We could forsake Salvation Mountain...or Joshua Tree. If we went North from Phoenix tomorrow, we could see the Canyon and drive through Vegas. Really, we just needed an extra day to the road trip.

Driving south on the 160, we hit Tuba City, and decided, "Why wait?" The sun was setting...sure, but maybe we could make it in time and see the Grand Canyon lit by the fading light.

We sped along the winding road that led into the park, speeds exceeding 10...20 mph over the limit. Oops. But we were racing a setting sun and all else could wait. We made it just in time, and probably at the perfect time to visit this wonder. At some point, I stopped trying to take photos because the place was too big and too grand and too awe-some to capture.

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