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Fluff Bake Bar

Blogging from San Francisco, Kelley and I have officially split up. I dearly miss my foodie friend, but in the coming days weeks, we hope to initiate a new phase--Being Fed: Coast to Coast edition. In the meantime, I hope to add some fluff pieces to help this little, fledgling blog float along.

Just before I left Houston, and the great state of Texas, I made one last tour of some of my favorite restaurants and a few new, local hotspots. I joined my friend Jennifer (who was quickly becoming my Houston sweet-tooth friend) for a farewell venture out to the Heights to check out Fluff Bake Bar. Located within Revival Market, we ordered three desserts, and the Fluff Bake Bar exceeded all expectations.

IMG_5144 1fluffbake fluffbake1 IMG_5159

Couch Potato Cookie: SO I should've written about this cookie in realtime...not from a couch in San Francisco, but I distinctly remember the complexity of this little fellow. I remember the sweet taste of sugar cookie, with the added crunch of chips and nuts (pecans, maybe?), and then the lingered salty taste on the back of my tongue. I wish I could do the cookie a greater justice...but trust me, the cookie earns its name. I would gladly sit on the couch, binge watching House of Cards, with a whole plate of these guys for an afternoon.

fluffbake2 IMG_5184

SHOs (Sugar Hooker Oreos): Call it a whoopie pie, call it a homemade Oreo, I don't care. This might have been the best bite of sweetness. The chocolate cookie was the perfect follow up to the salty-sweet couch potato cookie. Just needed a big glass of milk for dunking.

IMG_5185 fluffbake3

Funfetti Cupcake: Presenting a literal cupcake. Fluff Bake Bar offered several flavors and we opted for sprinkles. How could we not?! We saved this for last...but that may have been a mistake. Jennifer and I were definitely fighting full stomachs. Nonetheless, the cupcake was fluffy and fun.

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