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Noble Sandwich Co.

I officially finished my thesis this week! A whooping 130 pages; the final product has been printed, bound, signed, and submitted. Completion allows for time to sleep, to eat real meals, to rekindle friendships, to sleep (yes, again), and to blog.

Throughout the thesis process, I found solace in Thesis Club cofounder, Kelley. Thesis Club largely consisted of happy hours and new restaurants and lamenting about the trials of our theses, rather than any actual work. That's not to say that Thesis Club as unproductive. Several beautiful ideas came after the second glass of wine or during the first margarita. Thesis Club had all the feels like tears from lack of sleep or a spicy curry at Sway. But ultimately, Kelley and Thesis Club got me through this semester.

For one particularly Thesis Club field trip, Kelley and I went to Noble Sandwich Co. The line was ridiculous at their new location on Burnet. No surprise either since this sandwich shop has been featured on the Food Network and in multiple publications.

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We opted for the To-Go line, received little brown sack lunches, and found a nice picnic spot around upper Shoal Creek.

IMG_2499 IMG_2491

Kelley ordered the "Noble Pig" which consists of spiced ham, pulled pork, provolone, mayo, mustard and bacon. Did you read that correctly? Ham, pork AND bacon. Noble Pig sandwich, indeed. I asked Kelley her thoughts for the sake of the blog:
I don't remember these pictures looking as cool as they do here. :) Really nice.

The sandwich was tasty of course, but I wouldn't double up on the pork again (it had bacon and pulled pork). I would probably order the beef tongue if I went back because it was still rich, but somehow not as heavy.
IMG_2492 IMG_2487 IMG_2495

I ordered the Thai Chicken Sandwich.
Typically, I HATE sandwiches. Lunch meat ain't my thing. It's all cold and rubbery. Blegh. But within Austin, I have found a few sandwich shops that have surprised me and become real favorites (Foodheads, Walton's...that may be it...though a grilled cheese always works). Well, Noble Sandwiches made the cut. This Thai chicken sandwich was EXCELLENT. The bread nicely toasted with a nice blend of jalapeno-cabbage slaw and cilantro and chicken. Yep, check it out.

IMG_2496 IMG_2501
All things considered, we loved it. Definitely recommend Noble Sandwich Co. If I happen to stay in Austin this summer, this place will be a definite go-to/regular spot.
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