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A week or so ago, I posted about my venture to Sno Beach to see my pal, Alex. The visit yielded a really nice portrait of Alex in her natural, sticky-sweet summer habitat--the snow cone trailer. It also kickstarted the April month of portraits.

To quote myself (because it's finals time and I'm feeling lazy):
I posted a portrait each day during the month of April to my Instagram account (@victoriahaas). I initially wrote:
For the month of April, I'm going to try to post a portrait each day. You will get to meet my beautiful friends and some beautiful strangers.
I used hashtags like #makeportraits and #thesisportraits, and it has been a good daily challenge--encouraging both inspiration, creativeness, and consistency. Below are some of the portraits that I shot and posted to my instagram account during the month of April. Special thanks to all who posed for my little April side project.

Note: Several of the portraits posted also came from my thesis. There will be an extensive post on that a little bit later. Stay tuned.

IMG_1763 Maddie | Quickie Pickie
IMG_2062 Michelle | South Mall
IMG_3080-2 IMG_6442-2 IMG_5829 IMG_1793 Maddie | Tri Delt House
IMG_1963 Ellen | El Sapo
IMG_6964 IMG_3355 IMG_8994-2 Charlotte | Six Pack
IMG_2211 Alex | Littlefield Fountain

Thank you beautiful friends.
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