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Wipe Out

Look at that last post. Yeahhh...about half a month ago, I made a promise to post several new entries. THEN! The Great Laptop Wipe Out of 2014 happened. Don't get me wrong. I am emphatic about backing stuff up. And I prefer to store everything on my external hard drive, Ansel, manually. The photos are safe. The movies and music are safe. Thesis is MEGA safe and backed up nearly everywhere. BUT....sometimes you miss a few things. And then, when you go to the Mac store, get your operating system reinstalled, and welcome Macbook 2.0, you realize some things are gone. Forever. And you miss those things.


  • Programs: I forgot that Microsoft Word doesn't come readily available on Macs. Also had to re-install iTunes and Chrome and Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Bookmarks: This was hugely detrimental to my mental state and well-being. Tears welled up. I had at least 20 bookmarks just for thesis and suddenly poof.
  • Stickies: Are you a stickies person? Oh boy, I am. I had a list of jobs to apply for, a list of books I've read since July, a list of books to read, a list of bands to check out, a list inspired by photographer Alec Soth, a list of due dates, a list of passwords (dun, dun, dun), a list of friends to write letters to, a list of ideas...etc.
  • Fonts: It is just annoying.
  • iTunes Playlists: Do you remember the Cabo 2014 playlist that once was? It was an epic creation amassed over several hours. Well, poof. I see the appeal of Spotify now.
  • Bibliography/Acknowledgements: not every bit of my thesis was backed up. I wrote a FREAKIN' awesome and witty and personal page of acknowledgements for my thesis. Le sigh. East to recreate, but at this point in the thesis process, I have no creative juices.
  • School assignments: Yeaaah riiiight. As if I had school documents and assignments from this semester backed up.
         1. Thesis
         2. Photos
         3. Music
         29. History/Anthro papers
  • Resume/Cover letter: Why the HECK did I not have this backed up. Like never backed up. Thank goodness for e-mail.

Needless to say, there were definitely tears. Thank goodness though for Ansel and my years of tech-savviness. I mention all of this to justify this latest round of blog negligence. My life was temporarily in shambles, but now I'm back.

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