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The Final Round Up

For the past four years, I have been a member of Delta Delta Delta, Theta Zeta chapter, here at the University of Texas. The significance of this sorority and the relationships born out of it has increased for me with each passing year of college. Albeit corny phrases like "sisterhood" and "sorawrity" may liken my experience to stereotypical Greek scenes from movies and television shows, my involvement with Tri Delta has challenged me, enlightened me, and shaped my undergraduate experience in the best way.

Living in the sorority house as a senior, I have also been infected with a bout of nostalgia. A few weeks ago, I participated in my final UT Round Up. Each year for Round Up, Tri Delta holds a Courtyard Cookout complete with cotton candy machine, dunking booth, burger cookout, moon bounce, face painting, the whole sha-bam. Hundreds of members of the UT Greek community and students of the university partake in the cookout/carnival, and donate their entrance fee to our national philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Well, this final picture sums up quite a lot. We did it. We survived the Round Up. But also, we have almost made it through college and four years of undergraduate studies, with the help of four years of Tri Delt. Some friendships started on the lawn at Bid Day in 2010, some friendships built over study parties in the dining room, or late nights in the house library. These relationships have carried us on spring break trips to Colorado or Cabo, through first dates, break-ups, proposals and ring passes. The women I live alongside are motivated and compassionate, confident and beautiful. Thank you, Tri Delta.
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