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Hot Tamales

This past week, after our first day of school, our resident chef extraordinaire Kelley declared the first family dinner. The prep took an hour or so and then five of the six roommates sat together at our great table to enjoy a feast of homemade chicken and corn tamales, a vibrant salad full of corn and peppers and tomatoes and black beans and other fresh veggies, some of the best guacamole EVER, and salsa by yours truly.

The whole meal--prep, table setting, tamale rolling, and feasting--brought everyone together. Well 5/6. L.Shell was sharing her musical talents to the world. But there was a good majority present. And L. Peters made the corn-tamale mixture, mashing with her bare hands. Kelley did....EVERYTHING. Alex made San Antonio's own guac...without it was extra divine. I made haasauce. Yeah, I am pretty much limited to salsa, cereal and muffins in the kitchen. And then, Katy was the biggest trooper and did the majority if not all of the dishes. Love her all the more for it.

Overall, the dinner was a great success. And our house, soon to have a more permanent name, will be kicking off a food blog soon! With better photos, I promise.
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