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I got to share the wonderful Wilderness experience with not only the girls and two guides, but also two other leaders. Schoger, a leader from my Young Life area was such an inspiration to me, and everyday, a huge blessing to have alongside on the trip. I love her description of our group's ascent of the mountain...

"The fourth day of our adventure was what our guides called "peak day". That morning we woke up at 3:15 am to begin a climb that would eventually lead us to a 13,500 ft. summit atop the continental divide. As we began our final ascent, we each picked up a medium size rock and were told to think of our rock as some burden or sin that keeps us from God. When we reached the peak, we sat in a long line along the edge of the cliff holding our rocks. One by one, I watched the girls around me heave their rocks into the abyss below, casting their burdens away from themselves, toward the foot of the cross. This was by far the most powerful part of the week for me and for many of the girls." —Lauren Schoger
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