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Sophomore year is...OVER.
I am halfway done with college.

I have survived that last few grueling weeks of school and I am excited to be home with family to recharge and rest before hitting up Kerrvegas for some summer camp. Though I have only been home since Wednesday, Houston has proved to be very....interesting, enlightening, surprising, and hot. This town is really dominated by concrete and asphalt and pavement and freeways and grey and baby trees. I miss Town Lake. I miss the hills.

Being with home though has been rejuvenating. My parents are as great as ever, I have reunited with my beloved Jeep JJ, and Hunter is GRADUATING TOMORROW. My little baby Haas is flyin the coop. But he's really moving onto a better place....University of Texas at Austin. So. Proud. Of. Him.

For his graduation party tomorrow, I have been compiling a bunch of old photos and making a slideshow. It's mah thaang, ya kno!? Powerpoint queen...but really. Anyways, I have unearthed some real gems. And since I am lacking in photos from adventures, as my life has taken turn for the are some goldie oldies!!

Hunter was obviously the cool child. Jealous.
See...this face screams jealousy
Oh what ya got there Hunter? A smelly fish....?
BOOM. Giant Gingerbread House. All mine. Cry your eyes out little Haas.
Believe it or not, this was a trademark facial expression of mine as a child.
Move over Zoolander & blue steel.
Model. Enough said.

Well I won't overwhelm you with super precious photos of my childhood all in one post. I will save some of these little gems for later. Obviously though, you can tell when I peaked as far as attractiveness. Oh youth. And where did that hair go?! Not so manageable any more. But alas, now I am rambling.

Stay tuned for more blog posts. I promised to step my game up!

P.S. My RUN75 tab has disappeared....OH NO! Don't get me wrong! I am still running, but I am struggling. Severely. Send me some encouragement if you read this and pity me and my lazy legs.
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