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I've been playing with light leaks and photoshop and my camera and nature.
Let's be honest for a second. I kind of bash on people who over-photoshop their images. But, with my recent obsession with light leaks and my lack of a film camera, I am turning to the Adobe program. Thus, I give you doctored photos.
Taken in Flatonia, Texas.

DSC_0655 copylight DSC_0600 copylight DSC_0581 copylight DSC_0598 copylight DSC_0637 copylight DSC_0627 copylight DSC_0661 copylight DSC_0642 copylight DSC_0682 copy2 DSC_0704 copy DSC_0666 copylight DSC_0667 copylight DSC_0723 copylight DSC_0708 copylight DSC_0656 copylight DSC_0676 copylight DSC_0719 copylight DSC_0734 copylight
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