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Mountain Bound



I am about to leave for the airport any minute now. My bodybag duffel bag is bigger than me, packed to the brim with ski clothes and warm, chunky sweaters, and I. CANNOT. WAIT.
I am so very excited to return to the Taos ski valley. This mountain is steep and I've been tracking the snowfall for the past two months. I cannot wait to ski alongside my aunt and uncle, master moguls (yeah right), hike the ridge and ski Juarez and Kachina and all those lovely double blacks, dive into Hunziker Bowl, eat at the German restaurant at the bottom of the lift, play with the new GoPro, pick Maddie up from the airport, and have joyous adventures.
Seriously, I'm out of here.
Below are pictures from my 2009 trip to Taos. (pre-SLR)

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