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Let's face it. Skiing with an SLR.....was never really going to happen. Thank goodness then for iPhones and instagram. Here are photos from the second weekend of skiing, featuring Maddie Jo Moaaaakley.


Kachina Peak

"Kachina Peak is a picturesque mountain located in the Wheeler Wildeness Area of the Sangre de Cristo Range. It is best known as the summit of Taos Ski Valley. This peak is most often climbed during ski season when powder seekers can hike from the top of lift # 5 via Highline Ridge. This peak is not crowded during hiking season due to it's close proximity to Wheeler Peak. The ski area makes Kachina Peak easily accessible, but above timberline this mountain becomes quite challenging. The route along the ski area boundry is class 3+ climbing to the summit."

Climbing Kachina earns you some major cred among the Taos locals. If you live in high altitude and are tip top shape, the climb will take you 40-45 minutes. When I mentioned I was from Texas--Houston sea level to be more precise--the rental shop owner told me I would make it to the top in two hours. Well, Maddie and I peaked in only an hour and fifteen minutes. Take that Taos!

IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0227
Awaiting us upon our ascent was a magnificent view.
You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12
IMG_0225 Chute off of Kachina Peak. IMG_0226 Sooooo....I lost my skis on a chairlift. #TotalGaperMove IMG_0228 Meet Stauffenberg. Pretty much the hardest run I have ever done.
Off the ridge, this run is STEEP and NARROW like a chute at the top. Oh and it features some fabulous moguls....not. And don't forget rocks. Rocks really make a run. Not. IMG_0229 IMG_0231
Well hellooooo

We woke up Monday morning to the following email:


11 inches of snow! what. the. heck.

IMG_0234 This is the last view of my spring break....?

I managed to convince Mads to pose for some photos at the top of the mountain on our last ski day. Next stop, the covers of every international ski magazine. #legit
MLM_2291 MLM_2292
Overall, it was a wonderfully relaxing spring break with the Aunt, Uncle and Mads. <3
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