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For my best friend's birthday, I decided to kidnap her. :)
Small problem: I didn't have a car.
Still, Kathryn was a great sport, picked me up around 11 and blindly drove me all around Houston to each mystery destination.

She was really unhappy about being kidnapped...SIKES!
Sadly, my camera hid itself for part of the adventure but we went paddle boating at Hermann Park, New Orleans style shaved ice at Madam Mam's, Laser Quest!!!, Zoe's Kitchen for hummus and grilled cheese, and then a baking party! Camera disappeared though :( (luckily though, this was pre-new camera lens)
In honor of shark week, as Kathryn made cookie dough truffles, I created blue and red jello with "dead" Swedish lying at the bottom and a Hershey chocolate shark fin. They were JAW-SOME.

Later that same week, Kathryn kidnapped me and we went to Little Big's.
This would be my last burger review from the Houston area...

Little Bigs

So the original burger list included:
Becks Prime
Sam's Deli Diner
Bellaire Broiler Burger
Pappas Burgers
Hobbit Hole
Ruggles Cafe
Little Bigs
Dry Creek Cafe
Goode Company Hamburgers
Bubba's Texas Burger Shack
Lankford Market
Jonathan's Rub

I only attended 5 of the 13 local burger places (bolded). I'm obviously such a disappointment :(
sorry bout it
But here's the final review nonetheless...

I first ate at Little Bigs last summer at its Hermann Park location with, surprise surprise, my dear friend Kathryn. Originally, we had planned to eat there again during our kidnapping day, but the park location closed! Thus, a raincheck was declared.
A major appeal of this local favorite spot is the size of the burgers. As the website boasts, "what's little is big on the menu."

"a 3oz., juicy, hand-formed, all-beef patty (we grind the meat fresh on-site every day -- this burger won’t ever see the inside of the deep-freeze!) topped with caramelized onions on a soft, fresh-baked yeast roll. In fact, fresh hot buns come out of the oven at Little Bigs every few hours.

Three sliders make a half-pounder of a meal but you can also order them one by one (and you won’t be able to resist). In addition to the beef slider, Little Bigs offers an all-natural, boneless, skinless breaded chicken slider, a vegetarian black bean slider and now a Carolina-style pulled pork slider. And French fries? Ours our hand-cut, made-to-order and well worth the four-minute wait."

Despite the adorable burger size and general appeal of everything at Little Big's (atmosphere, french fries, milkshakes, outdoor patio, service), I am NOT a huge fan of the burger. I ordered a trio of burgers, side of fries, and a vanilla milkshake BUT could not bring myself to eat more than one burger. Something about the patty, I could not exactly put my finger on it exactly.

I guess I would give Little Bigs a burger rating of 5/10. Overall, the restaurant gets a 8/10 thanks to the delicious milkshakes and fries. (I realize I'm being super repetitive and you get it...i love the fries and milkshakes. Blame my absentminded repetition on E's true hollywood story on Selena Gomez. deal?)

Go ahead and check out Little Big's yourself. The prices aren't bad. The location, Montrose area, is awesome. And while it's still sunny and hot, take a trip down the road....vintage shopping, visiting American Apparel and Buffalo Exchange, and then cool down at Little Big's.

For the record, Kathryn also does not like the burgers at Little Bigs, but tells me that the chicken sandwiches are AHHHHMAZING. Like I said...check it out, find what you love, and maybe write your own burger review.
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