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So I kind of took an undeclared two week or so hiatus. Random? Sorta. Things have been pretty hectic between saying goodbye to Houston friends, moving into my first apartment, and starting UT fall recruitment. Sooo to catch you up on everything...



My mom has been wanting to hold a garage sale all summer, but could find no volunteers at the Haas household until...she promised that I could have all of the money raised. Well, I was hooked. So back on August 6th, I woke up around six or so (what happened to that thing called summer?) and began to place garage sale signs around the neighborhood AND move all of our stuff to the front yard. Then, from 7 to 11 (longest, scorching August day of my life), I waited for customers. The crowd remained relatively small throughout the day and I later discovered that someone had taken down my signs....(City of Bellaire, grr). Nonetheless, I raised over a hundred dollars. And it was mine. And I knew where I was going to spend it. The camera store.


With all the recent sorority stuff going on though, I haven't been able to whip out my camera and new lens quite as much. Therefore, I am anticipating bid day on Tuesday and this upcoming week/weekend when I will be able to take some snapshots. I also want to do portraits of all my friends because the new lens has a f stop that goes down to 1.8!!! Seriously jumping for joy. Translation of 1.8f- ideal for portraiture.

Though, with recruitment and summer ending, classes will be starting soon. I'm excited for my sched: account, MIS, philosophy, logic, and photography communications. The last one scares me a bit though...I've never taken a photography class so I'm equal parts anxious, excited, and fearful.

Anyways, a few days prior to my new purchase, I kidnapped my best friend Kathryn for a super grand adventure. I will be uploading the details in the upcoming days, as well as, my last burger review for the Houston area. And maybe then, some recruitment/rush details if you're lucky...
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