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Over the past weekend, Round Up 2011 took place. Many members of UT greek life are still recovering. But more exciting than fraternity parties and sorority philanthropic events...Young Life placement occurred on Friday night.


Sadly, I have no pictures. I stole Anna's camera and took millions, but they are not in my possession. I do however, have this constant rememory of the night's events. Hundreds of young lifers arrived at Riverbend Church on Friday by 6:45 pm. The congregation was composed of current older college leaders, adults who support young life, the children of young life supporters, Lucy--my awesome YL leader, Brett--head of College Young Life, Ashley and Brandon and over 150 new college freshmen waiting to get placed! Following worship, a tearful testimony, and prayer came dozens of skits from each area of Austin---Central, Northwest, Leander, Dripping Springs, North. Following each skit, a list of names were called. Skit after skit, name after name, I waited patiently as my bench slowly cleared, as the names of my friends were called.

Finally, Leander ISD & Victoria Haas. I heard my name and bounded down to the stage, FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT! After months of training, a personal interview, and Mondays spent shadowing, I finally knew. Or so I thought. "I'm probably at Cedar Park High" I could not stop smiling, but in my heart....I knew something was still missing. After the remainder of the skits, kids placed at Leander ISD met in the parking lot near a yellow jeep. Surely, a good omen, I thought. My favorite color and my favorite car. So why was my heart still filled with some sense of doubt? Some void? Some hesitation?
Each newly placed leader was blindfolded and we were loaded into a car. I awkwardly shook hands with members of my new team and we tried to get to know one another without sight. A voice of an older leader sounded familiar from my time spent confirmed Cedar Park. Finally, the car came to a stop and we were helped out of the car.
"Take of your blindfolds...."

"Welcome to Rouse High School. You are the first Young Life team to set foot on this campus."
My jaw dropped. Instantly, all my doubt disappeared. How had I let myself possess such little faith in God, in Lucy, in myself? I glanced for the first time at my team. Jake, Matt, Grace, Jordan, Jacqueline, and Coach Aboussie. THIS. WAS. IT.

We got an exclusive tour of the school right then and there at 11 pm, maybe later. This was seriously it. I could already see the excitement about to explode out of each member of my team and I could already pick up on the unique talents that we would each bring to this ministry. My excessive enthusiasm, Jake's cool and laidback persona, Matt's curly fro and outgoing personality, Jordan's tender hearted disposition, Grace's listening heart, Jacqueline's overwhelming love for the lord and power with words, and Coach Aboussie's call to lead us new leaders. And this was the first time I was meeting each of them.

Already, I feel a sense of community, of family with all of them. I was serious that night when I told them we were going to be best friends and already, club Monday was awesome and our team dinner last night at Santa Rita's, lasting two hours!, was filled with love and laughter and the promise of such an exciting future.


Also taking place that weekend, though not as big of an ordeal, was Round Up.
It is time to celebrate the return of spring with another Roundup Weekend. This year’s Roundup will be March 24th-27th. As a reminder, this weekend is not in any way associated with fall recruitment, and therefore high school seniors are NOT allowed to partake in any Roundup events. To attend any Roundup event, you must have an official IFC Roundup wristband.
Despite this note from the President of the Interfraternity Council, Round Up is kind of like invasion of the high school seniors. Since this blog is largely about remembering the events of college, here is the 2011 Round Up schedule:

Friday, March 25
4-6 PM: Zeta Crown Carnival
5-7 PM: Chi O Lu-Owl
6-8 PM: DG Backyard BBQ
6:30-8:30 PM: Picnic with Pi Phi
10-1:30 AM: Theta Pancake Party

Saturday, March 26
9:30-11:30 AM: AE Phi Grillin’ for Glaser
10:30-12:30 PM: Alpha Phi Brunch for Lunch
11:00-1:00 PM: Tacos with Kappa
11:30-1:30 PM: Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi Omega
12:00-2:00 PM: Tri Delt Courtyard Cookout
Th: Crawfish boil (6-8 PM)
Fri: Three 6 Mafia (4-11 PM)
Sat: Late night (11-3 AM)
Th: Bartab at Peckerheads
Fri: Late night (10:30 PM)
Sat: Day party
Fri: Late night
Sat: Crawfish boil; Official late night
Th: Downtown (TBD)
Fri: Beach volleyball day party; Late night
Sat: Beach volleyball day party; Late night/PHOAM!
Sig Ep
Fri: Late night (11 PM)
Sat: Crawfish boil; Foam party (11 PM)
Th: Late night
Fri: Day party (3:30-6:30); Late night
Sat: Day party (1 PM) *waterslide, crawfish, face painters, punch; Late night
Sat: Zbtahiti (12:30 PM) *J Cole
Kappa Sig
Fri: Rave (11 PM)
Sat: Day Party *Sno cones, margaritas, crawfish; Late night

The weekend was a HUGE success. A WHOLE LOTTA FUN. And below are some pictures from the fabulous Tri Delt Courtyard Cookout! The event consisted of free burgers, but with voluntary donations, we raised over five hundred dollars!

The weekend was crazy...a dizzy mix of neon colors and thousands of people. I hope everyone had fun and a special thanks to everyone who came to our cookout. With round up out of the way, the end of my first year in college is in sight. Summer is right around the corner, Sno Beach is open everyday and pretty soon the lake will be warm.

Look for an Amy's ice cream post tomorrow, but now go outside and enjoy the warm weather.
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